Ricoh solves tech riddle and introduces coloured e-paper

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Ricoh announces today that it finally solved the industry’s problems with coloured e-paper, having passed the first hurdle towards bringing this to the market. Ricoh has developed electronic paper with 4 times better colour reproduction than what’s currently on the market, and the new product also is also 2.5 times brighter.

Until now, e-paper has been confined to black and white due to problems with colour reproduction and brightness. The company has now cracked this, while also keeping power consumption low, and is now working on boosting screen sizes and improving long-term reliability. There is no telling how long that will take, but the company expects the industry to be keen to incorporate colour screens into reading devices.

E-paper, which is used in e-readers, is different from computer screens in that it doesn’t require any electricity to be viewed. Just don’t try explaining this to flight attendants.

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