Google changes favicon again – much nicer than the lowercase purple g


new-google-favicon.pngIt seems like only yesterday that Google shifted its favicon from an uppercase G to a purple lowercase g. Well, although the little purple g is still in place, on my computer at least, at the moment, a post on the Official Google Blog suggests that it’s about to change again, to the icon over to the right.

new-google-favicon2-.pngThe new icon is a reinterpretation of a submission sent in by a user, one André Resende – a computer science undergraduate student at the University of Campinas in Brazil. The lucky chap, along with the rest of us, get to see a modified version of his creation (left) twenty thousand times a day as we destroy the planet. What do you think of the new logo? I’m quite a fan…

EDIT: The new favicon is showing up for me now. I like it a lot.

Official Google Blog

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Duncan Geere
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  • AWESOME new favicon…it’s much cooler. i like the color in there, i wish they’d mentioned the person who came up with the original on their homepage.

  • Not bad, although I preferred the old-old one with the big G. It suited it more. Now it looks like a kid’s silly puzzle. Any other opinions?

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