PSP firmware 3.70 arrives with hot new features including, er…


psp-firmware-370.jpgOkay, so there’s rarely dancing in the streets at the arrival of a firmware update for PSP, so 3.70 shouldn’t be criticised for being a trifle underwhelming.

New features include the ability to listen to music while browsing photos, custom themes support, a scene search during UMD movie playback (for all those users who watch UMD movies. Both of you.) and custom button assignment during Remote Play. It’s an evolution, not a revolution, kids. And custom themes do sound cool.

The update will likely lead to lots of bleating online from people claiming that Sony only releases these updates in a sustained and outrageous campaign to stop them playing Shitty Platform Adventure II on a Neo Famicom Engine emulator. As usual.

(via PSPSPS)

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One thought on “PSP firmware 3.70 arrives with hot new features including, er…

  • You can only do scene search during movie playback on memory stick only. UMD movies do not have this new search.

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