Wii gamers experiencing lag when playing near microwaves


wiimicrowave.jpg Whoever has their TV and Wii set up in their kitchen is asking for trouble, or perhaps something larger than a studio flat, but it seems there are enough gamers out there experiencing problems to garner internet interest in the story. Plus, anything to mock up a microwave/Wii-mote Photoshop hybrid, really.

It appears that waving your Wii-mote within 15ft of your 1,000 watt microwave causes gamers to experience major lag in their games. I’m tempted to insert some sort of Cooking Mama: Cook Off joke here, but to be honest, I’m too busy laughing at the pirate chihuahua Stu posted earlier. My sense of humour will never recover from that photo.

(via WiiWii)

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Katherine Hannaford
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