Is Gillette really marketing a gamer's razor?


If you spend your spare time perusing Gillette’s website, as I’m sure you do, you might notice that the company seems to be marketing a new razor specifically for gamers. The whole idea confuses me greatly.

Firstly, are they trying to say that gamers don’t shave much? If so, they’re not going to have much need of a razor. If that’s not the case, then I can only assume it’s all some massive misguided marketing idea. Let’s hope it’s not.

If you’re a gamer, would you buy a “Gamer’s razor”? Personally, I’ve always been more of an electric shaver kind of guy. Let us know your shaving preferences in the comments.

Gillette Fusion Gamer (via @the_b)

"Hang and Play" joystick coathooks


Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for a gaming-obsessed relative? Well, you’re probably too late. Even if you weren’t, these joystick coathooks aren’t available and don’t have a price attached. That said, with a bit of superglue or varnish, I’m sure you could do a similar thing with real joysticks. Head down to your local cash-converters and grab some old ones. Do it now.

(via CrunchGear)

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Logitech G13 "Advanced Gameboard" is a gamer's dream add-on


I really want to try this. It’s a “Gameboard” (i.e. mini-keyboard for gamers) that’s designed to complement an existing keyboard and mouse setup, rather than replace it, like other gaming keyboards.

It’s got 25 programmable keys, as well as a programmable analogue stick and three different ‘game modes’. Logitech claims this gives you “87 ways to control their game”, though that seems like they’ve just picked a random figure out of the air. 25 x 3, plus 1, then bump it up a bit more to make it sound good?

Features-wise, it’s got backlit keys, it’s got onboard memory, so you can store your configs and port them to other PCs, it’s got a 160 x 42 LCD panel, for displaying stats and other random info, and it comes pre-configured for WoW, CoD4, and “many other popular games”. It costs £70 and appears to be available now.

Asus pursue the gaming clientele with the C90 notebook

asuslaptop5.jpg Asus are popping out new notebooks all over the place, like the plastic equivalent of Vicky Pollard. But don’t let that put you off – I’m sure their latest offering, the C90, doesn’t come in lurid pink and talk back to you. Yet.

The C90 is being dubbed a ‘gaming’ laptop, which really means they can charge an extra couple hundred to go after the obsessve fanboy market who will shell out over a grand simply so they can play WoW a few frames faster than the next orc along. The 15.4-incher is completely upgradeable, allowing consumers to update the CPU, GPU, memory, HDD and optical drive without worrying about voiding the warranty…