Shiny Video: interview with Charles Martinet, voice of Mario for Nintendo

Never have I been more jealous in this job before – Bulent, one of my colleagues who works on our Nintendo blog, WiiWii, today met with Charles Martinet, who provides the voice for Mario, in town for today’s launch of Super Mario Galaxy.

Take a look at the above video for his amazing impersonations, the hilarious story behind him winning the role of Mario, how…

Modders hack the Nintendo Wii to play DVDs

wiiconsole89.jpg Now, although I’m a firm Wii fangirl, I’m not immune to admitting there were a few discrepancies between the features first mentioned when the Wii was announced, and what consumers were actually left with after the console hit the shelves. Every gaming manufacturer does it, although none quite as drastically as Sony with the PS3, as any avid reader of Gary’s UK Resistance knows all too well during those months when Europe was at war….

Opera blames Adobe for Wii browser's Flash problems

wiibrowser.jpgAs you’ll know if you read Games Digest’s comparison of the Wii and PS3 web browsers yesterday, the only area in which Wii’s Opera browser struggles is any site using Flash 8 – which includes the videos on MySpace and Bebo. However, one of Opera’s senior technical service consultants says it’s Adobe’s fault for not including Flash 8 in the latest version of its Flash SDK.