Wii to get a hospital link-up for Wii Health game

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wiisports.jpgComputer games make you fat, slothful and unhealthy. At least, that’s what my parents told me as they locked my C64 in a cupboard and sent me out on a 17-mile cross country run every morning as a child.

Wii is different. According to Nintendo’s man in Greece, the company is working on a game called Wii Health, which will test your fitness, and send the results off to an unspecified UK hospital for analysis. Add in a league table, and New Labour would love it.

However, some health experts have been criticising the Wii’s health benefits, pointing out that kids should be playing tennis in the real world, not in a game. Whatever you think, there’s no doubt that the console is tempting back formerly jaded gamers – 46% of Wii owners haven’t played another console in the last three years, according to an Enterbrain survey.

(via WiiWii)

Stuart Dredge
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One thought on “Wii to get a hospital link-up for Wii Health game

  • i LOVEEEE the wii!! it is my life goal to become in the world record book for the best wii tennis player!!! Everyone that made the wii are my life long heros!!! I work out in my H core spandex EVERYDAY! you should be just SO jealous of my skilzzz!!!
    yes thats wut i said… BE JEALOUS!!!!

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