Toshiba bringing 16GB NAND flash memory to market


Toshiba has announced that it has commercialised a new series of embedded NAND Flash memory devices, with its the largest device able to store 16 gigabytes of data.

They have been designed for use in mobile consumer products such as phones and video cameras, with samples being made available in the autumn and mass production starting in winter 2007.

An 8 gigabyte version will ship from the autumn.

The new 16GB chip combines eight 2GB NAND chips fabricated with Toshiba’s cutting-edge 56nm process technology, along with a controller chip, in a standard sized package.

They are fully compliant with the MMCA version 4.2 high speed memory standard, and support standard interfacing and embedding in products.

The complete range of NAND flash memory will range in capacity from 1GB up to 16GB.

The integrated controller handles the writing of data and error correction. The cards can write at 6MB per second, and read at 15MB per second.


Andy Merrett
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