PS2 game Okami now playable as online mini-game, even on Wii


Okami, the game which pleased the Japanese and North Americans immensely in 2006, and us Europeans and Australians even more so in 2007, has finally been lovingly transformed into a short online version by a fan. Available officially only on the PS2, the fan-created browser version can even be played on the Wii using Opera.

Users can find it here, where you can road-test the game for 30 seconds using the attack system. Simply swipe the Celestial Brush through the obvious baddies, and try and rack up as many hits as possible. As WiiWii points out, if publisher Capcom sees how great the online version is, and how well it works on the Wii, they mightjust create a proper Wii version. Fingers crossed.

Online Okami game (via WiiWii)

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