Bop It updated for the download generation

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bop_it_download_firebox_toy.jpgThe highly addictive and frustrating game, Bop It!, has had a makeover for the download generation, to become… Bop It Download!

It features the same gameplay as before, but now allows you to replace that irritating bloke that shouts and screams at you when you “pull it” when you should’ve “twisted it” with your own sounds.

Now fitted with USB, it can be hooked up to your PC, where you can then download new sounds from the Bop It web site. There’s a large selection to choose from – alternatively you can record your own instructions using the supplied microphone.

It features 15 difficulty levels, a maximum high score of 1,000, and the ability to unlock new sounds as you score more points. It can even be hooked up to your stereo system for ultimate fun / annoyance.

Product page at Firebox

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