Vestal's grenade watch explodes onto the market


grenadewatch.jpgPhew, my wrist is really blown up at the moment. What? Is it sprained? No, you fool, it’s because I’m wearing a watch that looks a bit like a grenade. Geddit, eh, EH?

Ho ho. Yes, military types will most certainly approve of the Grenade Watch, which is being released by Vestal. It’s got a band made from leather and canvas, and a stainless steel watch face.

It comes in green or black models, to match that camo gear you picked up at your local ‘run by a borderline-psycho who was rejected from the army’ shop. And it’ll set you back $158 if you’re in the US. Brits, you can try ordering one in the post, but don’t be surprised if 17 armed customs officers turn up on your door instead.

Vestal Grenade watch (via OhGizmo!)

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Stuart Dredge
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