Modders hack the Nintendo Wii to play DVDs


wiiconsole89.jpg Now, although I’m a firm Wii fangirl, I’m not immune to admitting there were a few discrepancies between the features first mentioned when the Wii was announced, and what consumers were actually left with after the console hit the shelves. Every gaming manufacturer does it, although none quite as drastically as Sony with the PS3, as any avid reader of Gary’s UK Resistance knows all too well during those months when Europe was at war.

Lie-spotters may remember Nintendo’s claim that the Wii would support DVD playback, however as we all know, that’s not possible. Or is it? Some clever little modders have reportedly found a way to hack your Wii to play DVDs, although why you’d want to do this is lost on me, when the mod voids the warranty, and most of us have DVD players anyway. And if you don’t, well what’s stopping you from picking up a £9 DVD player along with your 13 microwave meals when next at ASDA?

(via WiiWii)

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Katherine Hannaford
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