Nintendo Wii sells 10.10 million units, soon to surpass Xbox 360


Somewhere in Mushroom Kingdom, Shigeru and Reggie are having a party that Freddie Mercury could only dream about. Dwarves dressed up as Mario, mushrooms being used in an entirely different context, and a bevvy of beauties resembling Princess Peach prancing around in pink satin frocks entertaining the punters with renditions of the Mario theme tune. P. Diddy, eat your heart out.

Yes, the Wii has sold 10.10 million units, so it’s Bollinger all ’round for the Ninty fanboys this week. Better crack open a bottle of Cristal too whilst at it, as Nintendo currently hold a 41.2% share of the worldwide gaming market, and is a slight 220,000 units away from knocking the Xbox 360 off its pedestal

No doubt Halo 3 on the 360 will boost their sales, but as a reader Joe pointed out recently in a comment on a previous post, Nintendo’s ‘Holy Trinity’ of games due to be released this year – Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, should ensure they steal the crown without a doubt. After all – everyone and their gran wants a Wii, right? Right?

(via WiiWii)

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  • Yes there are a lot of 360’s on shelves and in warehouses, just go into any store and the shelves are brimming with 360’s

  • Exactly right, aaroningber2.

    And even if Nintendo only reported shipped numbers, they sell them within an hour of reaching a store, so there is essentially no difference for Nintendo at this time.

  • mizzikee,

    You are the one who needs a clue. Microsoft reports units SHIPPED, not SOLD. They SHIPPED 11.6 million units, but have only sold 10.3 million of those. Of the big 3, only Nintendo reports sold-to-customers numbers, the other 2 use shipped, which is basically sleight-of-hand trickery that works well on the uninformed.

  • The xbox 360 sold 11.6 million consoles at the end of the fiscal year. They are probably closer to 12 million by now if not more. Get a clue writer…

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