Asda debuts the £9 DVD player

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asdadvd.jpgNope, that’s not a typo. Asda is selling a DVD player for £9 (the same as three bags of mini chicken fillets, since you ask). It’s the Durabrand 1005, and 80,000 of them will be going on sale in the supermarket chain’s UK outlets.

Surely that means a factory full of starving children being whipped if they stick a button on wrong? Apparently not – the player is made in China, at a factory where working conditions and salaries have been audited four times in the last year, says Asda.

The player can also handle audio CDs and CDs full of MP3s, and is small enough to be lugged on holiday. “Our message to customers is why pay more, when you don’t have to?” says Asda’s Peter Pritchard. To which I could respond with about 101 reasons to pay more than a tenner for a device to provide your home entertainment, but that’d be a bit churlish.

If they do a Blu-ray player for under £50, mind, I’ll have five. The Durabrand 1005 hasn’t showed up on Asda’s website yet, where the cheapest model (the Durabrand 2005) is £17.84, so you might have to get down to your local store if you want to take advantage of the offer.

It remains to see whether rival supermarkets will follow suit. Last year, Tesco unveiled a DVD player for under £18. This could run and run…

(via This Is London)

Stuart Dredge
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