BSkyB's new Sky+ advert claims to show What Women Think

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Forget juggling a career with motherhood. The real dilemma for today’s high-flying females is figuring out how to go to dinner with their boss AND still watch Prison Break. This is what the suffragettes risked their lives campaigning for all those years ago. Really.

Okay, so it’s not. But it is the subject of BSkyB’s brand new TV ad campaign, which aims to show how modern women can resolve said dilemma by using the Sky+ remote record feature, that lets you set your PVR from your mobile phone. “Because you want to be in two places at once…”

The feature is great, but I’m not entirely sure about the treatment of it in this ad. What do you think – well-targeted, or patronising? Watch below and leave your comments on the end of this post.

In any case, check out BSkyB’s OTHER new advert, which shows the company’s commitment to the environment via a singing cartoon cat:

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One thought on “BSkyB's new Sky+ advert claims to show What Women Think

  • If they’re trying to appeal to women with this advert, they’re failing miserably – I just think it’s patronising!

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