Winamp – 10 years old and BACK to battle iTunes


winamp-updated-itunes.jpgPretty much everyone’s first MP3 player back when the piracy scene exploded into life in the late-90s, it’s been a little quiet for Winamp over that last few years thanks to everyone, bizarrely, preferring to pay for music and use things like iTunes instead.

Well, Winamp – and the 62 million people who still regularly use older versions – could be about to become all trendy again, thanks to the upcoming Winamp 5.5.

New Winamp will look like iTunes, have the ability to synch files with an iPod like iTunes, plus there’s support for mailing and texting playlists, an MP3 blog reader and advanced streaming options to let you broadcast tunes to your mobile, another computer or even, so they say, your Nintendo Wii.

Winamp 5.5 is supposedly hitting the internet on October 10, but a beta version has just popped up here if you’ve got nothing better to do than test other peoples’ software for them for free.

Via (Wired)

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