Lightwave adds two new Apple HomeKit compatible smart dimmers to ‘Smart Series’ lineup

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Smart home automation company Lightwave has launched three and four-gang dimmer switches to grow its existing ‘Smart Series’ range of lighting products. As well as fitting rooms with multiple lighting circuits, customers can programme spare gangs as “magic buttons” to control additional lamps and light fittings in the same room or anywhere in the house.

In fact, they can control any device or appliance plugged in to one of Lightwave’s compatible Smart Sockets.  These clever switches can even be used to control lighting or devices in the garden or garage to increase control and streamline the home environment, thanks to Lightwave’s communication technology, without the need for new or additional wiring.

Lightwave’s Smart Series lighting range (previously referred to as Generation 2) is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and offers two-way communication and built-in energy monitoring functionalities. 

The three and four-gang dimmers will be available from the Apple Store and amongst other retailers, from 15th October. Priced at £159.95 and £199.95 respectively, the new additions are available in White Metal and Stainless Steel finishes to suit your home decor.

The three and four-gang smart dimmers are billed as ideal for those prone to leaving lights on around the home, as Lightwave’s automated routines mean you can adjust lighting to suit you and your family’s needs. For example, a ‘lights out’ routine will switch your children’s lights out at bedtime and setting up a ‘movie’ routine will create the desired ambience for a quiet night in.

Says John Shermer, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Lightwave:

 “We’re committed to creating smart home technology that fits into people’s lives effortlessly. Our customers said they wanted to be able to complete their lighting set-up with the ability to control additional lamps and lighting in other rooms, which is why we’ve added three and four-gang dimmers to our latest smart lighting range.

“In doing so, we are helping people to manage energy and create the ambience they’re looking for in every room of the home.”



  • 200W per gang (incandescent load)
  • Control by smartphone or web app (requires Link Plus)
  • 2-way communication:  check status
  • Timers / schedule / triggers / scene lighting
  • Voice control with HomeKit / Alexa / Google Home
  • Standard wiring (neutral optional)
  • Fits standard 35mm single back box
  • 10mm spacer included
  • Soft Start capability
  • Colour customisable LED indicator
  • Metallic finishes (stainless steel, white metal)
  • Leading and Trailing edge compatibility,  Auto calibrates to suit most dimmable LED lamps
  • Can perform wire-free multiway switching


  • RF frequency:  868 MHz
  • Input rating:  220-240~ 50Hz
  • Output rating: 10W~ 200W max. (0W min load if neutral used)
  • Incandescent Load: 10W~200W max per gang (0W min load if neutral used)
  • LED load: see Lightwave compatibility charts
  • Back Box Depth: 35mm min
  • Spacer depth 10mm (7mm with recess)
  • Earthing:  Not essential (double insulated)
  • Standby Energy Use:  Less than 1W
  • Wiring:  Neutral wire optional
  • Warranty:  2 year standard warranty
  • Environment:  For indoor use only

DIMENSIONS: 3 & 4 Gang Smart Dimmer 150 mm x 88 mm, 217g


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