Bluesound Unveils Gen 2i wireless audio system with Apple AirPlay2, two-way Bluetooth


Wireless, high-res multi-room audio provider Bluesound has announced Bluesound Generation 2i (Gen 2i), building on the success of the brand’s previous platform, it claims. 

Gen 2i offers dual-band Wi-Fi 5, Apple AirPlay 2 support, upgraded Bluetooth codecs, improved amplification and acoustics, and more, while maintaining value for consumers with minimal changes to retail pricing, claims the manufacturer.

As before, all Gen 2i models will be offered in a choice of Black or White finishes. All models are available now, with the exception of the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i, which will follow in November. All Bluesound models feature BluOS™, an award-winning, music management system that connects, organizes, and controls your music.

Choose music from your favourite streaming Bluesound Gen 2i service or from a music library connected to your home network. Bluesound integrates all these sources and sends the music to every room in the home.

Featuring a family of dedicated multi-room, wireless streaming digital music players, Bluesound delivers a compelling high-
resolution wireless digital music system with an audiophile-grade feature set, claims the manufacturer.

Says Matt Simmonds, Bluesound’s Product Manager:

“Ever since Bluesound’s exciting debut five years ago, we have listened to the marketplace and worked hard to make significant improvements throughout the line.”

“Gen 2i represents another leap forward with major technological enhancements that make this generation of Bluesound products even more compelling. Best of all, Gen 2i is compatible with existing Bluesound systems.”

New features common to all Bluesound Gen 2i models include:

Apple AirPlay 2 Support
All Bluesound Gen 2i models are designed to support AirPlay 2, which will be delivered to Gen 2i owners via an upcoming software update. With AirPlay 2, Gen 2i owners can stream just about any sound from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac to their Bluesound system — all in sync. Customers can stream music, books, and podcasts from their favourite Apps, or watch videos on their Apple device while streaming the audio through to their Gen 2i Player.

Two-way Bluetooth
Gen 2i contains Bluesound’s most advanced take on Bluetooth to date – two-way Bluetooth, featuring both Receive and Transmit functionality. Receive capability allows users to wirelessly stream from their device to a Bluesound Player just like they’re used to doing with Gen 2. The Transmit capability means the user can now use their Bluesound Gen 2i Player as a source, sending what they are listening to via Bluetooth to a pair of wireless headphones. One exception: Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i only supports the Receive functionality via Bluetooth.

Bluesound’s new models are: NODE 2i (US$499 / £499 MSRP), POWERNODE 2i (US$799 /£799), VAULT 2i (US$1199 / £1099), PULSE 2i (US$799 / £749), PULSE MINI 2i (US$499 /£499), PULSE FLEX 2i (US$299 / £299), and PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i (US$799 / £799 in Black, US$899 / £899 in White). There are no changes being made to the PULSE SUB.


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