Sony unveils useless feature – use a full-size PS3 controller on your PSP

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ps3-controller-shattered.jpgYou might have to humour me a little here – I’m not a console gamer. I love PC gaming, but I’m not a fan of trying to control first person shooters with a joypad. Yes, even Goldeneye on the N64. I know, I know, I’m a heathen.

But even thinking through the mind of a console gamer, I completely fail to see the point of using a joypad to control the PSP – which is essentially just a joypad with a screen on anyway.

Worse still, you need to own a PS3 to make the whole system work in the first place. You connect your PSP to your PS3, then the controller to the PS3, and voila – you get two analogue sticks instead of just one, and a bit of miscellaneous rumbling from time to time.

In fact, it seems such a waste of time that I can’t help but think I’ve misunderstood something here. Have I got it completely wrong? Educate or vindicate me in the comments.

Sony UK (via Pocket Gamer)

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  • You’re right, it is largely pointless and the reasons are correct, but I’m not sure you understand the significance of a second analogue stick…

    The PSP only has one and four face buttons. Typically console FPSes use the left stick as a wads style setup, and the right as the mouse aiming. I *think* in PSP fpses, the straing of aiming falls on the four face buttons. In other words it’s a nightmare.

    Assuming this allows you to use the analogue stick for aiming, it’s an improvement – though why you’d want to see PSP graphics blown up on a massive TV screen is beyond me… and frankly if you want to play an FPS on a Playstation pad so badly, you’re better off buying one for the actual console.

  • The PSP is widely thought to have rubbish controls compared to using the Dualshock. Evidently Sony won’t admit that so they’ve come up with this instead.

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