EMI launches download store of its very own

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emi logo.jpgI’ve long been puzzled why each major label didn’t set up some sort of digital music store on its own website, where people could get the latest songs, but that wonderment is a topic for another day. Major label EMI, home of Queen, the Beatles and Coldplay, is launching its own download store.

It will be hosting it at EMI.com, a page which currently links to the EMI group’s corporate homepage. The Financial Times are describing the new service as a “consumer lab”, rather than a straight download store, which could mean some sort of recommendations engine might be incorporated – like Pandora or Last.fm.

It seems the service will launch before the end of the year, which seems like a remarkably short timeframe for something that hadn’t been heard of up till now. Expect it to arrive slightly broken, then, like many of the record industry’s other attempts at digital music.

EMI (via CMU Daily)

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Duncan Geere
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