Twit4Hire – a company who'll Twitter on your behalf, for cash


I can understand people not having the time to update a blog. To grow a blog properly it needs time, effort and careful feeding of the community. A Twitter account, on the other hand, requires considerably less effort – 140 characters, perhaps twice a day? Well, if even that’s too much for you or your business, then Twit4Hire is the company for you.

It’s targeting business who want to “get on the Twitter” but haven’t got a clue how to go about it. Or they might have a clue, but can’t spare the resources. Either way, Twit4Hire will sit there and chat to legions of followers about nothing your business on your behalf.

I’m not sure I could recommend employing Twit4Hire. Do it yourself. For top tips on how best to use Twitter for marketing and PR, visit this handy site, instead.

Twit4Hire (via TechRadar)

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Sony unveils useless feature – use a full-size PS3 controller on your PSP


You might have to humour me a little here – I’m not a console gamer. I love PC gaming, but I’m not a fan of trying to control first person shooters with a joypad. Yes, even Goldeneye on the N64. I know, I know, I’m a heathen.

But even thinking through the mind of a console gamer, I completely fail to see the point of using a joypad to control the PSP – which is essentially just a joypad with a screen on anyway…