Smell-o-vision: NTT Communications trial aroma-emitting digital sign technology

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digital-aromatic-signs.jpgAs if our noses don’t get assaulted enough with vile scents in the form of pungent perfumes, stinky body odour, and overcooked food when out and about, a company over in Japan has created aroma-emitting digital sign technology.

Or ‘Smell-o-vision’, as our Editor In Chief, Stuart, described. Dubbed ‘Kaoru Digital Signage’ by NTT Communications, the electronic signs will be stationed outside the Kirin City Beer Hall at the Yaesu Shopping Mall in Tokyo (get your noses plugged-up in preparation, shoppers) until the end of December. The aromas being pumped out of the signs will attempt to lure people into the restaurant with the hunger-inducing scents of lemon and orange.

Controlled by the internet, the display will show live images of beer and food, and the scents will correlate, changing several times per day depending on what sort of meal is being served. I can think of a dozen shops and businesses where this wouldn’t work, such as a gym or fishmongers, if you’ve got any better suggestions, leave them in the comments box below. And nothing along the lines of ‘abortion clinics’. I know what your dirty mind is thinking…

(via Pink Tentacle)

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