Tinnitus Relaxer with Aromatherapy


This week is National Tinnitus Week, so it seems appropriate to mention a piece of technology that can help people manage this distressing condition as well as those who are in need of a bit of relaxation in their lives.

The Tinnitus Relaxer with Aromatherapy is a funky little invention which relieves the symptoms for those who experience tinnitus. With seven relaxing sound selections including ocean, birdsong and spring rain, this little fella is perfect for anyone who wants to effortlessly drift into the land of nod!

The aromatherapy beads offer fragrances which can revitalise and refresh, relax and relieve stress or to energise and motivate, depending on your mood.

You can pick one up for £25 at www.rnidshop.com.
Find out more about Tinnitus at www.tinnitus.org.uk.

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Dave Walker
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  • I love sound pillow. When I had insomnia it was the best way to help me out.

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