Teen paints 60ft penis on roof of parents' house for Google Earth's cameras

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When you’re designing a million pound house, there are all kinds of things you need to check. Double glazing? Check. Burglar alarm? Check. 60 ft phallus painted on the roof? Ch… wait, what?

And that’s probably what Andy McInnes thought when reporters from The Sun asked him if he was aware of the giant penis daubed in white paint across his rooftop. Unsurprisingly he wasn’t (it’s not the kind of question you answer with “why yes, of course” is it?). Turns out the stunt was his son’s dong doing – having seen a TV programme on Google Earth, he wanted to see if the giant phallus would be picked up by Google’s cameras. The answer? No. The website still shows the original pristine rooftop at the time of writing, despite the artwork being up there for over a year now.

And it’s unlikely to change – his parents will be making young Rory wash the giant graffiti off the rooftop when he returns home from Brazil where he’s enjoying his gap year. Locals should probably make sure he hasn’t done his trademark drawing anywhere on his trip. I’d take a close look at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero if I were in the Brazillian government…

Alan Martin

(via The Telegraph)

Photo: KNS News

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