Elecom Power Graphixx series make mp3 players jealous of the earphones

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In the whole world of tech, earphones seem to attract the most functional, boring designs available. I appreciate there’s not a great deal of scope for creativity, given they still need to fit in the ear (thus making some kind of alien-starfish design distinctly uncomfortable), but I always thought they could be a little bit more interesting than just lumps of circular black (or white, Apple fans) plastic. Turns out I was right, and the result is this lovely series of colourful earphones from Elecom.

In terms of specifications, they’re actually pretty standard. To those that understand earphone specs, that translates to a 9mm driver unit, 92dB/1mW 16 Ω – that sort of thing. They promise to block out “most of the unwanted noises” and should fit snugly into the ear canal. Though, when they’re looking that cool and brightly coloured, they could cause deep irreparable lacerations to my earlobe, and I’d still be tempted to wear them on the tube.

You can see the full range of designs at GeekStuff4U, where you’ll see they cost ¥3,900. Prices in Yen always look massive to me, but it actually translates to somewhere around the £27 mark – not unreasonable.

Alan Martin

Power Graphixx Earphones (via Akihabara News)

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