Fitness First ad gives you something to ponder while you 'weight'



It’s quite uncommon for technology to show a lack of tact, but this new advert in the Netherlands for Fitness First manages it with aplomb. The bus stop seat is linked up to the banner, and will display your weight when you take a seat.

It’s undoubtedly very neat, but I’m not sure whether it’ll make people head to Fitness First, given it does nothing to work on gyms’ reputations as being judgmental places that remain embarrassing to the unfit. What the ad will probably create is a whole line of people standing, with no one prepared to take a seat at the bus stop.

On the bright side, it could make the buses less crowded. Imagine taking a seat on that and discovering you’re a lot heavier than you thought. Suddenly, walking doesn’t seem such a bad option, even though you live over two hours away. Not so bad if you run the entire journey. And then you’ll be so tired that you skip dinner, ready for that meeting with the bus stop again tomorrow – malnourished but victorious.

Alan Martin

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  • Exercise is great but what about supplements? Some people go that route. I’m a little leery but this skinny fiber product is getting a lot of play in the news these days. Eat less to lose weight… makes sense.

  • Most people look for the time to exercise, really you need to MAKE time in your life. Once exercise becomes part of your lifestyle you will have success.

  • Exercising has tremendous benefits for your heart and overall health. Alot of people have trouble finding the time in their day to exercise. The way I do it is to set a dedicated time each day and stick to it.

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