Sky Soldier Airplane


For many of us, realising man’s dream of
flight extends only as far as miniature bags of peanuts and complementary booze,
but at lest there are a wide variety of gadgets that will bring the joy of
soaring the heavens safely to the living room. We have already seen the outlandish
X-UFO and now, for the more traditional would-be pilot, the Sky Soldier
Airplane has been unleashed. The plane is made from flexible, hard wearing
plastic to defend against its inevitable conflict with the side of a building
and it can cruise away to a distance of 200ft.

Only weighing in at 66g means
that the Sky Soldier doesn’t have a detachable power source, instead you have
to recharge it from the remote control containing 6 x AA batteries.  Each recharge provides around eight minutes of
flight which is a little limited, but made up for by the quick recharge action.
This gadget is probably best suited for people who are lucky enough to have
access to a large indoor area such as a hanger, barn or public library and at £34.99
it seems like a bargain. Sky Soldier Airplane is available now from Gadgeter. 

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