Playan-micro for Game Boy Micro


The original Playan was a great little
MPEG4/MP3 player with a built in SD card slot that turned a standard GBA or
SP into a great little portable media device, presumably to just to give Sony a
run for its money. Sadly, the Playan never quite made it to us Brits except
perhaps in some import shops. The device, which fits in the cartridge slot, has proved popular enough elsewhere in
the world and now is set to make the leap into the Game Boy Micro. Sporting
the same but slightly update movie and music playback, the Playan-micro could
make Nintendo’s littlest console a much stronger competitor to the PSP.

Even if
it doesn’t have the technical prowess of Sony’s beast there’s no denying that a
flash media player, with dimensions of 4 x 2 x .0.7″ that plays GBA games
would be a neat toy. The Playan-micro will be available soon, as the original
Playan retires on September 11th, and is set to cost around £30.
Again it is hasn’t been given a European release but its worth either keeping
your fingers crossed or making an impromptu trip to Tokyo

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