RedPost/Kit: DIY digital photo frame


RedPost/Kit is a DIY photo frame which comes with a 19″ LCD monitor, a USB flash drive running Damn Small Linux, built-in 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, and a 200MHz fanless x86 CPU with 128MB on board memory. You can either load pictures to it over your network via Samba, or point it at a photo web site. Comes in six colours (if “unpainted” is a colour; they felt some would want to customize the frame personally) and is VESA mount compatible. $549. I want. [GT]

RedPost/Kit’s birth announcement (via Engadget)

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Brain Machine: tune in, turn on, drop out


Drugs are so passé. The 21st century way to turn in is by hacking your brain – and the hack itself is a DIY. The resultant machine flashes LEDs in your eyes and blips sound in your ears to sync your beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves, allowing you to take a trip whenever you like, legally, and without the traditional destructive effects associated with controlled drugs. It’ll be interesting to see how governments respond as devices like this become commoner and finer-tuned. [GT]

Make your own Brain Machine [via MAKE]

Breath powered USB charger


Why plug your USB devices into your computer to charge them when you can save that electricity and use your own hot air? Just follow the instructions at Instructables and you too can strap a motor to your chest which should get you some very interesting looks at security checkpoints. As the inventor says, building this requires a wide range of maker skills, so simply being able to breathe may not be enough of a qualification. [GT]