Make a (RUBBISH) android for less than $30


cheap-android.jpgSounds like a bargain – until you see what your $30 actually buys you. You get a sort of disembodied pink head with a big hole in its forehead.

Apparently it can… well, we’re not entirely sure. It was made by a foreign man who doesn’t go into very much detail. But if you watch his ‘Making Of’ video you can just about make out things like VGA leads and other cables connecting it to a PC, which lets it light up when you get an email.

It also plays music. It is one of the oddest things we have seen on the internet for quite a while, and we can only assume the maker is currently busy making it a body out of all the human skin he’s been collecting for a few years.

Still, at least the lips look right so you could put a wig on it and pretend its your girlfriend. If you’ve had a very large amount to drink.

(Via Instructables)

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