Shiny Video Reivew: iMu Vibrating Speaker

Yes, it looks like a stunted dildo. But this isn’t a dildo. It’s the previously reported-upon iMu “Singing Table” that’ll turn any surface you place it on into a speaker. Awesome, right? Shame it costs £50.

I know! £50! I couldn’t believe it either. Seriously, what are you going to use this thing for? Especially as it plugs in to mains power. If you can think of a situation where this would be a lifesaver, and a cheap pair of travel speakers wouldn’t, then let us know in the comments.

Flame head robot walks upright, mistakes hat-stand as girlfriend


If this isn’t your new best friend, then I’m shocked. Look! It’s a bipedal flame-head robot! According to BotJunkie, it walks just like a human, which is no easy feat for designers of robots to accomplish.

Measuring 1.3m tall, it was developed by a Ph.D student, Daan Hobbelen, who used seven motors, balance organ and springs to ensure it has a smooth gait, like that of you or I. Check out the video below the jump of Mr. Flame Head in action…