Peanut butter machine – the gift of a guaranteed heart attack long life


If I eat too much peanut butter, it makes me come out in spots – nothing alarming but it’s not pretty either. I think there’s a lot of nut oil going on in there greasing up my skin, so unfortunately, much as I love the stuff, I don’t think this peanut butter making machine is a good idea for me.

As it goes, this device will make a paste either crunchy or smooth…

Stunning video of a boy's home made Master Chief costume

A slightly self-conscious youth by the name of Ashley has spent the last few weeks furiously creating his own version of Master Chief’s armour, as worn in such blockbuster games as Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Now usually, this sort of unusual teenage dress-up activity is confined to the bedroom. But brave Ashley has stuck a video of him modelling his work up on to YouTube for the education and mocking entertainment of the world. Watch him flex and pose like Master Chief off his tits in a gay disco: