Operation Firefox campaign finalised, winners announced, world vandalised


Several months ago we wrote about Operation Firefox, the initiative that oozed of a corporation – ok, an admittedly cool corporation, getting all ‘down with the kids’ and asking them to vandalise on their behalf. Yep, we thought it smacked of free advertising and astro-turfing, too!

Just a couple of days ago the campaign closed, and the official site for the competition is now showing some of the best entrants, with the winning entry from ‘Agent R.W’, whose “PLAN BEGAN WHEN I SAW THE VAST NUMBER OF PEOPLE GATHERING IN OUR COMMUNITY TO RALLY AROUND THE SPORT OF FOOTBALL. I KNEW THAT MOZILLA COULD APPEAR IN THIS CONTEXT AS A BEACON OF HOPE FOR IE-USERS.”

Well done, Firefox. You garnered yourself a heck of a lot of free publicity by gullible, trusting fanboys. And by me writing about the campaign, I guess…

(via Operation Firefox)

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Katherine Hannaford
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