LEGO TECHNIC Motorised Bulldozer: remote-control plastic bobbly goodness



LEGO TECHNIC has launched this cool Motorised Bulldozer, a realistic model fitted with an infrared receiver, and powered by a remote control unit.

It features four individual motors and one battery box, which work together to enable the bulldozer to be driven, turned on the spot through 360 degrees, its blade and piston engine to be operated, and driven on its realistic caterpillar tracks.

Of course, the fun (or frustration, depending upon your outlook) of LEGO is the initial building, so before you can drive it you need to negotiate through its “complex building platform incorporating beams, gears, connecting and interlinking sections alongside the new Power Functions System elements: XL motors, infrared receivers and controllers.”


Fortunately, the instructions have evolved too, and now come on CD-ROM. It’s a far cry from the printed LEGO diagrams I worked with as a kid. Ahh, technology, eh?

Available this month, priced £99.99.

The only question left is: what are the little connecting bumps on LEGO bricks called? Bobbles? Dimples? Please, enlighten me.

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