The LEGO Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcom (TM)


lego-falcon.jpgIf you’re 34 and your wife doesn’t mind you spending £349.99 on Star Wars toys because, frankly, she’s given up and is having an affair with the plumber anyway, the LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is waiting for your call.

The new LEGO Millennium Falcon is three feet long and made out of more than 5000 pieces, so you’ll be kept busy until George Lucas comes up with his next idea to get money out of you in exchange for officially licensed bits of plastic. Out here in October, it’s available for pre-order at the UK LEGO Store now, and will be despatched in plain brown wrapping.

We can only wonder how better the world would be if the trillions of dollars grown men have spent on Star Wars merchandise was instead, perhaps, spent on something worthwhile, like fighting disease, irrigating deserts, funding clean energy systems or terraforming Mars.

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  • i have got two boxs of lego one is 722 and the other is legoland6985 are they of any interset

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