Hippyshopper's eco verdict on Blackle.com


blackle-thumb3.JPG The whole of the internet has been banging on about Blackle the past few weeks and its supposed energy-saving ways. But for those of us who remember www.black-google.blogspot.com from years back, they’ll also remember the controversy surrounding whether it is actually eco-friendly or not.

Sister-site Hippyshopper has come to the rescue yet again, and given us their eco verdict. Supposedly Blackle actually causes an increase in monitor power consumption in comparison to the standard white Google we’ve all come to know and love, so using the goth-friendly search engine could actually be harming the environment even more.

Head on over to Hippyshopper if you’d like to find out more about the site and its claims, it makes for an interesting read, although does lead me to think if we really care enough about the environment, to the point where we’d willingly strain our eyes on a black website all day…maybe we should just abandon computers altogether and resort to good ol’ paper and pen. Recycled, natch, needless to say.

Hippyshopper’s verdict on Blackle

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