Blackle is cooler than regular Google – literally

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The blog ecoIron suggested that if Google were to switch to a black background, it would save 750 megawatt-hours per year. (This is because when your monitor displays a predominantly white webpage, it uses about 15 more watts than it does while displaying a predominantly black webpage.) Blackle has decided to do something about this by, well, being a Google clone with a black background. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but it looks cool doing whatever it is or is not doing. [GT]

Blackle (via geeksugar)

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Gabrielle Taylor
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  • It’s been discussed time and time again, a black search portal offers very little in the way of power saving overall. All this site does is generate revenue for it’s owners which is put to no good use at all.

    As an alternative search portal try –

    Any profits from using this portal are actually put back into environmental projects to cancel out a portion of energy etc that is consumed.

    Hey it’s a start, and every little bit counts in my opinion..

  • Hmm, is this definite- a CRT may well use more energy to give white than black- but and LCD? a TFT? Perhaps we should take the time to consider which technlogies suit which image types a little more.

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