The Sunglasses Camera can only lead to massive personal privacy invasions

Camcorders, MP3 players

sunglasses-video-camera.jpgWe can only think of very bad, privacy-infringing and quite possibly illegal uses for this sort of device.

The camera itself is hidden within the frame and is capable of recording PAL footage at 500 x 582 resolution, data it dumps to a cool-looking portable media player you have hidden somewhere else about your person. It has 32MB of memory, which is rubbish, so you’ll be hitting eBay for a cheap and possibly fake SD/MMC card to boost its capacity.

Maker Spycatcher reckons it should be used by “investigative journalists” or “mystery shoppers” and it no doubt also has lots of serious business uses, like, er, you know, filming safety and, er, checking things, but we’d pretty much just put it on and proceed to frighten innocent ladies and immediately get arrested.

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Gary Cutlack
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