Discover what girls *really* do in bathrooms with the 'under door viewing kit'


under-door-spy-kit.jpgI originally asked Gary to write this product up, thinking he’d be able to add a touch of blokeyness to what is essentially a device that can allow you to perve on girls in bathrooms. Sadly, I think he’s worried about his reputation as he refused!

There are a couple of parts involved in the product, with the scope section used to slide under the door, in spaces less than a quarter of an inch which will give you a 55° field of view. The right angle adapter apparently gives you viewing access to the back of the door, just in case there’s a booby trap or something your paranoid mind might be curious about.

Your eight-year-old self will cream their pants once you discover night vision is yet another feature on this spying tool, with an attachable eye-piece adapter an included piece, otherwise you could spring for the extra hand-held monitor.

Under door viewing kit (via Coolest-Gadgets)

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