KEF launches fivetwo series lifestyle loudspeakers

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Contrary to what the picture shows, these aren’t giant fans, they’re the latest NXT-equipped speakers from KEF – the fivetwo series.

KEF’s fivetwo series features its own Uni-Q technology and NXT SurfaceSound to produce what they describe as "rich, room-filling sound" from an attractive-looking casing. The NXT SurfaceSound flat speaker panels in the back disperse the sound, while the Uni-Q drivers deliver sound from the front (left, centre and right) channels. KEF claims this produces an even dispersion of sound, offering optimum surround sound experience wherever you are in the room. It also means the fivetwo series can be a 5.1 surround sound home cinema system – but without the clutter of six speakers and additional cables and connectors.

There are two models available – Model 7 is a seven driver stand/wall-mount system whilst Model 11 is a floor-standing system with 11 drivers.  Finished in matte silver or high gloss black, the Model 7 is priced around £600 per pair while Model 11 is priced around £1,100 per pair. Available from Autumn.

KEF website

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