Nintendo to pull Wii ads after stock shortages?


wii-shortages-uk-ebay.jpgChristmas is in CRISIS! Nintendo’s Wii console is already sold out across the land, with desperate mums forced into prostitution (unconfirmed, but likely) in order to fund the excessive prices being charged by online shops for the few Wiis still available.

And just one look at the mass eBay shame out there will show you how bad it’s getting. Chancers are trying to shift used Wii’s on eBay for thousands, ripping off desperate Christmas shoppers.

Even standard £179 Wiis are going for well over £250 on eBay right now, causing Nintendo UK to consider dropping its Christmas Wii ad campaign to avoid whipping up further demand – and mass public anger – for the sold-out machine.

Nintendo really ought to be getting more blame for this travesty. In Wii’s second Christmas on sale Nintendo should to be meeting customer demand, not angering shoppers by forcing them to turn to rip-off merchants and dodgy retailers aiming to cash in. Buy your child an orange and a jumper for Christmas and tell them to be grateful they’re not in a Romanian orphanage.

(Via BBC)

If you’re desperately trying to get hold of a Wii and want some sympathetic shoulders to cry on – or an unsympathetic man to try and sell you one for £500 – check out Shiny Media’s Nintendo blog at

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