Watchdog's fantastic assassination of Brain Training on the "DS Nintendo"

Mistake number one is Nicky Campbell calling it a “DS Nintendo” throughout the ludicrous report. Mistake #2 is thinking that Brain Training’s occasional problems recognising words is a surprise or new news, seeing as the game came out in June of 2006 and everyone’s already completely over it.

Mistakes numbers 3-99 we’ll leave you to work out for yourselves while enjoying the shameful Watchdog Nintendo outrage.

Nintendo to pull Wii ads after stock shortages?

wii-shortages-uk-ebay.jpgChristmas is in CRISIS! Nintendo’s Wii console is already sold out across the land, with desperate mums forced into prostitution (unconfirmed, but likely) in order to fund the excessive prices being charged by online shops for the few Wiis still available.

And just one look at the mass eBay shame out there will show you how bad it’s getting. Chancers are trying to shift used…

Opinion: Mobile phone deals aren't call for cash

Jon_smal.gifThey’ve always said you don’t get anything for free in this life, but flick towards the back of any of the tabloid newspapers in this country and you’d have to question that view.

FREE Xbox 360, FREE iPod, FREE laptop, FREE Wii, FREE PSP, FREE HDTV, FREE money – and all you have to do is sign up for a FREE mobile phone. In fact, some of the deals even give you a FREE handset with your FREE handset. Please, tell me, where do I sign…