20% of instant messages are never sent, says voyeuristic scientist


instant-messaging-20-percent.jpgIt’s one of those surveys telling us things we clearly already knew! Like, that 95% of people will eat too much chocolate on Christmas Day and not feel like having dinner, or that people tend to impulse buy cakes and sweets when going to the supermarket while feeling a bit hungry.

A scientist called Michael Beisswenger made the startling instant messaging ‘discovery’ while monitoring (spying on?) students at his Dortmund Institute for German Language and Literature.

Apparently, 20% of instant messages aren’t sent because the conversation has ‘moved on’, or the person you’re talking to rudely has another ‘go’ at saying something when it’s clearly supposed to be your turn to say something next.

Although, in my case, it’s because I’ve just looked at what I was about to send and decided it was wildly inappropriate and likely to end up with the police getting involved.

(Via New Scientist)

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Gary Cutlack
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