Can Quack make a splash in messaging?

The messaging app space is increasingly crowded: Not only is there the likes of iMessage and Google Hangouts for managing your text messages, but other services want to do away with SMS entirely. Instagram, WhatsApp, Vine and tonnes of others are all becoming increasingly viable platforms to replace the messaging in your life. So why…

MySpace launching webmail service


Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail will all be a little on the worried side this morning as the news broke overnight that social networking giant MySpace is launching a webmail service.

All MySpace users will be automatically assigned an inbox on the service, guaranteeing the site 125 million active users at launch – more than Gmail and AOL Mail, but fewer than Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. Let’s hope the interface is a little better than the terrible messaging service currently integrated into MySpace.

MySpace (via TechCrunch)

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Sony adding in-game XMB access and Trophies to PS3 "soon" thanks to 2.40 firmware update


Finally, a year and a half after PlayStation3 launched in some bits of the world, Sony is adding the in-game messaging features its fans have been gagging and pleading for every single day since PS3 first flopped into big, unwanted piles on shop shelves.

Confirmation was given on the Official PlayStation Blog, where Sony Network top-cheese Eric Lempel said “We’re happy to officially report that the 2.40 system software update for PS3 will include XMB access in-game.”

Lempel then went on to confirm another addition – the arrival of Sony’s clone of the much-loved Xbox 360 point-scoring Achievements system…

Twinkle: Twitter for iPhone with Locate Me for geo-action


I can’t see the appeal of Twitter. I really don’t want people knowing exactly what I’m doing all the time, either out of shame or embarrassment that I’m spending yet more of my life just staring at a computer screen again.

But if you’re self-centred enough to think that everyone needs to know what you’re doing and thinking RIGHT NOW and ALL OF THE TIME because your life is JUST ONE BIG CRAZY PARTY OF FUN, perhaps Twinkle might be for you – it’s a very fancy new Twitter app…