Twinkle: Twitter for iPhone with Locate Me for geo-action


twinkle-twitter-iphone-app.jpgI can’t see the appeal of Twitter. I really don’t want people knowing exactly what I’m doing all the time, either out of shame or embarrassment that I’m spending yet more of my life just staring at a computer screen.

But if you’re self-centred enough to think that everyone needs to know what you’re doing and thinking RIGHT NOW and ALL OF THE TIME because your life is JUST ONE BIG CRAZY PARTY OF FUN, perhaps Twinkle might be for you – it’s a very fancy new Twitter app for iPhone.

The novelty of Twinkle is its implementation of Locate Me, so you can geo-tag posts and message/stalk other Twitter users in your immediate vicinity. If the idea of possible face-to-face communication isn’t too terrifying to comprehend, that is.

For the latest news about how to fill your iPhone up with yet more applications to boast about having, check out Shiny’s iPhone blog iPhonic.

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