Twitter launches group direct messaging and built-in videos

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Watch out WhatsApp and BBM – Twitter is gunning for you. The company has just launched a new group DM feature – meaning that you can now privately message groups of people with both text and pictures.

It isn’t immediately clear if direct messages are also limited to 140 characters – but the implication is clear: Twitter has seen the explosive success of the likes of WhatsApp, and wants a piece of the action.

In tandem with this, the company has announced new support for uploading videos up to 30 seconds in length, which will be native to Twitter (rather than a link to, say, YouTube or Vine). You can apparently even edit it in the app itself.

Whilst both features sound like they could be useful, you can be forgiven for getting a bit nervous given how intent Twitter seems on ballsing up its service.

James O’Malley
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