Swiftkey Android messaging app learns your lingo

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swiftkey.jpgIf, like me, you find the Android factory messaging keys a bit hit or miss, you may find this new app very interesting indeed. Swiftkey is a messaging application exclusive to Android handsets that can be used as an alternative to the regular Android software keyboard.

The buttons are thankfully a little chunkier than Google’s offering, making it easier to tap at speed, but that’s not the best part of Swiftkey. You see, Swiftkey is smart. It learns. By allowing it to sift through your prior sent messages, Swiftkey starts figuring out the words, acronyms, etcetera etcetera that you use, and then presents them to you as you begin composing your message.

What you end up with then is a really accurate predictive text dictionary, tailored to match the turns of phrase you most commonly use, rather than what the developers assume you’re trying to communicate.

And best of all it’s free, so you’ve no excuses to not at least give it a try. Grab it here.

Gerald Lynch
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