Bargain of the Week: Decent discounts off Sennheiser headphones


Welcome to Bargain of the Week, where I’ll take a look around the web for the best tech/gadget bargain I can find, and report back to you.

This week, you can grab a 20% discount on any pair of Sennheiser headphones when you buy an MP3 player from Advanced MP3 Players.

Simply enter the code listenlive at the checkout (and buy both items together in the same transaction) for the saving…

iPlayer project chief talks iPlayer 2.0 and Broadcast 2.0


The iPlayer’s now been around for just over a year, and the project chief, Anthony Rose, has had a chat to the Guardian about how he sees the future of the application. Damn, it looks rosy.

He mentions a wealth of brilliant-sounding features, including a sign-in system, an online library, and a system that lets you talk about BBC programmes with friends. Essentially, they’re making the iPlayer social. Your friends will be able to deliver recommendations and ratings and discussions will only be shared with that friend network – not the whole userbase.

20% of instant messages are never sent, says voyeuristic scientist

instant-messaging-20-percent.jpgIt’s one of those surveys telling us things we clearly already knew! Like, that 95% of people will eat too much chocolate on Christmas Day and not feel like having dinner, or that people tend to impulse buy cakes and sweets when going to the supermarket while feeling a bit hungry.

A scientist called Michael Beisswenger made the startling instant messaging ‘discovery’ while monitoring (spying on?) students at his…

The Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail arcade machine will send you back to the '80s

dream-arcade.jpgConsidering most homes have more than three people living in them, I can foresee a huge amount of arguments breaking out over this three-sided Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail arcade game.

Relive your ‘yoof with 145 old-skool games built-in, from Asteroids to Pac-Man, and even add your own games and music with the jukbox software. The monitor measures 21-inches and will set punters back…