Harman Kardon launch the GLA-55 speaker system

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GLA-55.jpgYou can always rely upon Harman Kardon to think outside of the box when it comes to speaker design. Remember their Soundsticks II? They were displayed for a time in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which is some feat for a set of PC speakers. Harman Kardon have again upped the ante, this time with their GLA-55 luxury speaker set.

Made of reinforced plexi-glass, the speakers look more like a mythical Indiana Jones idol than a set of PC speakers. Completely clear, you’ll wonder what’s powering the things as so few electronics are visible.

It’s not all style over substance however. The GLA-55 features aluminium tweeters for accurate high-frequency response and an Atlas AL driver in each of the 56 watt satellites. Optimised Compression technology minimises distortion at even high volume levels and a 3.5mm jack means the GLA-55 can be used with many audio devices.

Though there is no dedicated sub within the package, there is output for a stand-alone subwoofer to be hooked up.

If money is no object and you are looking for a sleekly designed piece of kit to wow your mates with, the GLA-55 speakers are certainly an eye-catching proposition. £749.99 is a hell of a price tag, but you can sit smug knowing that there are only 3,000 units currently in the world, and that you’ll be one of the exclusive few who can afford them.

Harman Kardon GLA-55 speaker sets are available now instore at the Apple Store.

Gerald Lynch
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