Cheap iPhone apps you create yourself coming in 2010 from Tino

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TINO-Logo.pngCross-platform mobile app developers Golden Gekko have today unveiled Tino, a web-based destination for budding app designers to create mobile applications and easily share them across mobile marketplaces.

As complex or as simple as you like, making an app with Tino can take as little as 30 minutes, using Tino’s five-step building plan.

“We are offering Tino as a low-cost entry to the mobile app marketplace, and can provide anyone with the tools to build a mobile app, with a process that takes less than an hour,” says Golden Gekko CEO, Magnus Jern. “Our Tino customers do not need to be technical experts, as they’ll get an easy step-by-step guide that allows them to self-develop a mobile app on the web.”

However, those looking to get to work on an iPhone or Android app are going to have to be patient. According to the Tino FAQ, “Tino is currently working with all newer Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, and Palm Treo phones as well as many other platforms and devices except the iPhone and Android.” However, they do state that iPhone and Android compatibility is on its way “soon” and to “keep an eye out for posted announcements in Tino news” in the near future.

Users have to subscribe to the service, but at £100 for a one-off app creation and publication, it’s a fair sight cheaper than the average £5,000 app development cost.

Check out Tino here.

Via: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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